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Looking for tarmac surfacing services in Cornwall?

Talk to Driveways Cornwall before you decide, we have many years of experience installing all kinds of surfaces in Cornwall.

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Pothole Repair Contractors Cornwall

Driveways Cornwall specialises in supplying high-quality pothole repairs for both the commercial and private sectors across Cornwall. Our pothole repair services cover main roads, industrial estate roads, school playgrounds, factory yards, forecourts, and other tarmac surfaces, with minimal disruption to the public.

Cornwall Pothole Repairs Expert

Using only the best materials from some of the biggest names in the industry, we have over 25 years of experience carrying out professional and rapid pothole repairs in Cornwall.. Our pothole repair service is comprehensive, offering free on-site surveys and no-obligation quotes.

Cornwall Pothole Repair Services

As an ever present problem on today’s Cornwall roads, potholes are worsened by the seasonal weather. Repairs can vary from cracks and small patches to large deep holes and ruts that could easily damage a vehicle.

Our fully qualified and experienced workforce carries out rapid and effective repairs, whether it’s one small pothole or a large-scale surface replacement project. If Cornwall potholes are not repaired as soon as possible, they can endanger road users, cause costly damage to vehicles and continue to get larger.

We provide guaranteed long-lasting pothole repairs, extending the life of Cornwall roads or pathways, and delaying expensive re-surfacing costs.

Preventative measures for Potholes

Preventative measures, such as regular maintenance and prompt repair of surface cracks, are essential to mitigate pothole formation. At Driveways Cornwall, we emphasize the importance of addressing issues early on. Our pothole repairs service in Cornwall is designed to tackle these problems head-on, ensuring your driveways and roads remain safe and visually appealing. For larger road issues, we recommend reporting them to the local authorities through the Cornwall Council's road problem report page, ensuring they are addressed promptly.

Pothole Repair Service Cornwalll FAQs

What Causes Potholes and How Do They Form?

Potholes are defects in road surfaces caused by water in the underlying soil structure and traffic passing over the affected area. They begin as micro cracks, then evolve into larger cracks, and eventually form a hole.

Can I Repair Potholes Myself, or Do I Need a Professional?

For minor repairs, DIY methods like cold patch asphalt repair can be effective. However, for a more durable solution, professional pothole repair services are recommended.

How Much Does Pothole Repair Cost?

The cost of repairing a pothole can vary widely depending on its size, depth, and the repair method chosen. Contacting local repair services for quotes is the best way to get an accurate estimate.


We provide a wide range of tarmac Driveways in Cornwall, from re-surfacing & line marking to potholes & driveways. Call us for all your London surfacing needs.


Our pothole repair service is available across Cornwall 24/7. All of your pothole repairs in Cornwall can be handled by our rapid response team.


No matter what kind of driveway surface you need, our range of domestic driveways include tarmac / asphalt, edging and tarmac driveway repairs.

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